Lynn’s Message to Voters of Super District 9

lynn mossMemphis is a great city with a heritage like no other place on Earth, We Memphians have a lot to be proud of. From Graceland to the Riverfront, Beale Street to Cooper Young, and the best barbecue to be had anywhere, our city overflows with history and southern charm.

Memphis is the heart of the South, but Memphis is at a crossroads. Short-sightedness and lack of fiscal responsibility in city government have pushed our city to a financial precipice. The voices of the people are being ignored by elected officials and mistrust of officeholders by their constituents is widespread and growing. The time is now to pull our beloved city back from the edge, to propel it toward economic prosperity.

All Memphians must work together to achieve our goals and the place to start is by electing honest, strong-minded individuals to public office, people who are beholden to no one for political favors. People who will put the best interests of our community above their own self interests.

I want to help Memphis be a place where all people can realize the American Dream. And you can help me to do that, by voting for me for City Council Super District 9, Position 2 on October 8th. Together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Thanks for all your support!

– Lynn Moss

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I am pleased to endorse Lynn Moss for election to Super District 9. Lynn has been tireless in her efforts to make Cordova a better place to live. I agree with her many straightforward ideas that need to be addressed throughout the District, as well, and feel confident she will be a driving force on the City Council.